Stainlux 316LSi Stainless Steel MIG Wire 0.8mm 5kg

ER316LSi Mig wire is used for Mo bearing austenitic stainless steel with 1.5-3% Mo. 316/316L type stainless steel is for good resistance of pitting, acid, and general corrosion.

ER316LSi affords the same characteristics as 316L. The high silicon allows better arc stability along with minimal post-weld grinding. The low carbon in the weld metal gives excellent assurance against inter-granular corrosion.


AWS A5.9  ER316LSi



Chemical Composition - 316LSi MIG Welding Wire

Stainless Steel MIG Welding Wire 316LSi Chemical Composition



Mechanical Properties - 316LSi MIG Welding Wire

Tensile Strength 570 Mpa
Yield Strength 440 Mpa
Elongation 40%
Stainless Steel MIG Welding Wire 316LSi Mechanical Composition. These properties are based on use with CO2 Gas.



Stainless Steel 316 MIG Welding Wire Sizes Available:
0.8 mm – 15 Kg
0.9 mm – 15 Kg
1.0 mm – 15 Kg
1.2 mm – 15 Kg
0.8 mm – 5 Kg
0.9 mm – 5 Kg



0.8 – 15kg, 0.9 – 15kg, 1.0 – 15kg, 1.2 – 15kg