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Dust masks with valve FFP2V SABS Approved

(only sold in qty’s of 20’s)

Dust Masks FFP2V are NRCS approved dust masks. Made with special three-ply non-woven cloth material. Adjustable nose piece and inner soft foam. Loaded polypropylene material with low breathing resistance and high filtration and static, to effectively resist normal toxic and tiny micron particles against unpleasant organic acid vapors and dusts. Suited for many kinds of dangerous workplaces such as mining, building, grinding, casting, agriculture, electronic, food processing, cement, textile, heavy metal pollution, gardening, glass industry etc.

Dust Masks FFP2V are designed to protect the wearer against inhaling airborne particulates. Airborne particulates are solids or liquids suspended in breathable air and can be classified as dusts, mists or fume. Inhaling airborne particulates may have an inverse effect on health and, depending on the particulate inhaled, this effect may be irreversible.

There are three main different type of dust masks which are governed each of the different dust mask rating is a step up giving greater protection.

FFP1 Dust Masks

FFP1 dust masks give the minimum level of protection against non-toxic particulates however this may be perfectly acceptable depending on the airborne hazard. As they are composed of the least amount of filter material they also provide the least breathing resistance and quite often an exhalation valve is not required.

FFP1 dust mask protection examples: brick dust, cellulose, cement, coal dust, gypsum, limestone, Plaster of Paris, pollen, sugar.

FFP2 Dust Masks

FFP2 dust masks offer a moderate level of protection against hazardous mists and particulates and fume. Exhalation valves are more common in this rating of mask as there is greater breathing resistance. Some FFP2 dust masks have an activated charcoal layer to protect against ozone and these are often called welding dust masks.

FFP2 dust mask protection examples: brake dust, cotton dust, granite dust, hay, lead dust and fume, softwood dust.

FFP2V Dust Masks

FFP2V dust masks provide the highest level of protection that a disposable mask can offer. A well fitting FFP3 mask will protect against fine toxic particulates including asbestos, bacteria, viruses and radioactive particles. Due to the thickness of the filter material an exhalation valve is almost always fitted.

FFP2V dust mask protection examples: viruses, bacteria, radioactive dusts, asbestos.


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4 reviews for Pinnacle FFP2V Dust Mask with valve – SABS Approved – Box of 20’s

  1. Gary Roberts (verified owner)

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    brilliant, quick and efficient service

  2. Robyn Mann (verified owner)

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    Great product

  3. Marco C. (verified owner)

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    Very very good

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Great product and quality. Disappointed the price DOUBLED as the need for masks became bigger, just before SA had it’s first Covid-19 case

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