Ferrox E7024 Iron Powder Electrodes 5kg

E7024 Iron Powder Electrodes are a heavily coated rutile iron powder electrode for high-speed welding of H-V fillers and flat butt joints and boasts a metal recovery of approximately 160%. High proportioned iron powder electrodes are characterised by a smooth even appearance with self lifting slag.

Ferrox E7024 Iron Powder Electrodes offer high speed, heavy-coated, iron powder electrode for high deposition rates on horizontal and down hand welding. Excellent operator appeal, produces equal 45° fillets, thereby eliminating over the welding. Excellent bead appearance and self-cleaning slag. This electrode has good weldability and superior mechanical properties. It is particularly useful in obtaining increased penetration with little or no root porosity in horizontal or positioned fillets. Pinnacle Ferrox 7024 is ideal for making high-speed horizontal fillet and lap welds on mild and some alloy steels, such as earthmoving and construction equipment, truck bodies, ships, barges, and railcars. Ferrox 7024 exceeds the AWS A5.1 elongation % and Charpy V-Notch requirements for 7024-1.

Chemical Composition

Pinnacle E7024 Iron Powder Welding Electrodes

Electrode Size to Amperage

Code:Size (mm)Welding Current (A)
1-100119 / 1-1001242.040-70
1-100120 / 1-1001252.560-95
1-100121 / 1-1001263.280-120
Pinnacle E7024 Iron Powder Welding Electrodes


Shipbuilding, boilers, heavy-duty equipment


  • Available Sizes: 3.2, 4.0 and 5.0mm
  • Conforms to AWS A5.1 & ASME SFA 5.1 E7024
  • Tensile strength up to 560 MPa
  • Yield strength up to 480 MPa
  • Elongation -27%


Pinnacle Welding and Safety

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Weight N/A

3.15 mm 5kg, 4.0 mm 5kg, 5.0 mm 5kg

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