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5kg ER4043 5% Aluminium TIG Welding Wire

ALUWELD 4043 is a 95% aluminium, 5% silicon aluminum tig welding wire suitable for welding heat treatable base alloys of the 6XXX series. 4043 TIG Welding wire should be used with zirconiated tungsten electrodes and pure argon gas, Oxy-fuel can be used for welding so long as aluminium soldering flux is used. Application uses are mostly in construction and automotive industries.


AWS A5.10 ER4043

Chemical Composition - Aluweld 4043 TIG Welding Wire

Aluweld 4043 TIG Welding Wire Chemical Composition

Mechanical Properties - Aluweld 4043 TIG Welding Wire

Tensile Strength 180 Mpa
Yield Strength 120 Mpa
Elongation 8%
These properties are based on use with Argon Gas.

Aluweld 4043 TIG Welding Wire Sizes Available

Size (mm)Nett Weight
1.65 kg
2.45 kg
3.25 kg


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2.4mm, 1.6mm, 3.2mm


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