Pinnacle IntruARC 161 Welding Machine – 160 Amp Heavy Duty Welder Inverter



This ARC 160 Amp Welding Inverter Machine, IntruARC 161 Amp welding inverter, is manufactured with the latest in advanced IGBT technology. This inverter welding machine includes a digital display for accurate amperage usage. This includes hot start function as well as built in arc-force functionality to reduce sticking during the welding process. All machines are supplied standard with a 200 Amp welding cable kit.

ARC Welding machines known as MMA Welding stands for “Manual Metal Arc” this is an electric process by which an electric arc is struck between the welding electrode and the workpiece.

The central metal electrode or core wire provides a filler metal for the weld and the electrode coating provides a shielding pool made up of the weld slag.

This Welding process operates with DC or AC power sources, most commonly DC. MMA welding provides a limited amount of weld metal deposited from one electrode and electrodes need to replaced frequently, making it a less productive process than other methods of welding.

160 Amp Welding Inverter Characteristics:

  • Advanced IGBT Technology
    • Hot Start, arc force, anti-sticking
  • Digital Display
    • Welding Cable Kit Included


ProductPinnacle Intruarc 161 Inverter Welder 160 Amp
Product TypeWelding Machine
Welder TypeARC / MMA
Input VoltageAC 220V ±10%
Input Power Capacity4.7 Kva
No Load Voltage58V
Output Current20-160A
Input Current31A
Duty Cycle %60%
Electrode Size2.0 / 2.5 / 3.2 mm
ApplicationCommercial; DIY
Dimension335 x 130 x 230 mm

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