200 Amp ARC Welding Machine Inverter 218SD


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INTRUARC 218 SD 200 Amp Welding Machine / Welding Inverter

The Intruarc 218 SD 200 Amp Welding Machine is perfect for DIY / Domestic use and boasts a unique modern SD Design. Capable of handling semi industrial welding projects this welding inverter includes advanced DUAL IGBT Technology, Hot Start and arc-force / anti-sticking features. With digital display the Intruarc 218SD allows accurate welding amperage at all times with over (low) voltage, over (low) current protection.

This Welding Machine includes the Welding Cable Kit and Face Shield.

Techinal Data | Intruarc 218SD

ProductPinnacle Intruarc 218SD Inverter Welder 200 Amp
Product Type Welding Machine
Welder Type ARC / MMA
Includes:Welding Cable Kit & Faceshield
Input VoltageAC 230V ±10%
Input Power Capacity6.5 KVA
No load Voltage65V
Output Current20-200A
Input Current48A
Duty Cycle %60% at 200A
Duty Cycle %100% at 140A
Electrode Size2.0/2.5/3.2/4.0mm
Dimension (mm)368 x 160 x 250
Intruarc 218SD Welding Inverter Technical Data Sheet


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