Intrumig 200 180A MIG


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Pinnacle Intrumig 200 220V 180A MIG Welding Machine



Multi function welding machine, Intrumig 200 is a single phase, ideally for light fabrication, automotive and heavier maintenance applications, with MIG, MMA and lift TIG function. Supplied with MIG torch, earth cable, flowmeter in a complete kit ready to weld. The Intrumig 200 delivers excellent welding performance on a complete range of base materials.

Intrumig 200 Characteristics:

Single-phase, fan-cooled, compact MIG welder with advanced IGBT technology.
Multi function welder with MIG, MMA, lift TIG function.
Adjustable burn back control.
Self-compensate voltage fluctuation, less spatter, easy arc.
Weld flux cored and gasless wire.



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