Pinnacle Otosola Digital Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Adjustable

  • Solar-powered for long life, up to 5,000 hours
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Fully Digital Settings Control
  • Features Auto-off circuitry at 15-20 min
  • Two independent arc sensors
  • Lens darkening reaction 1/25,000 sec
  • Ideal for ARC, MIG, TIG Welding & Plasma Cutting
  • Includes replacement cover lenses

Viewing Area: 92 x 42 mm
ARC Sensor: 2
Light State: DIN 4
Dark State: Shade 9-13
Power Supply: Solar cell, no battery req.
Switching Time: 1/25000S Light to Dark
Dark to Light : 0.1-1.0 S
Low Amps TIG Rate: 10 Amps (DC) or less
Grinding Function: Yes
Shade Control: Adjustable
Power On/Off: Automatic
UV/IR Protection: Up to DIN 16
Sensitivity Control: Low-High, by a dial knob
Weight: 480g