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PrimiCut 60 Plasma Cutter

  • Advanced IGBT & PWM Technology
  • Light, Compact, easy to operate
  • Auto Pilot HF Starting Arc
  • Suitable for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Sheet Cutting
  • 4 Times Faster Cutting Speed than Traditional Oxy-Fuel Cut
  • Supplied with AG60 Torch

PrimiCut 60 Plasma Cutter Technical Data

ProductPrimiCut 60 Plasma Cutter
Product TypePlasma Cutter / Gas Cutter
Input VoltageAC 380V ±15%, 3 Phase
Rated Power Capacity4.8 kva
Rated Input Current13 Amps
No Load Voltage270 Volts
Rated Output Current63 Amps
Duty Cycle %60%
Output Current Range30 - 63 Amps
Cutting Thickness12mm
Max Cutting Thickness20mm
Air Pressure0.2-0.4 MPA
Weight26 kg
Diemnsion445 x 222 x 315 mm
PrimiCut 60 Plasma Cutter Technical Data


Pinnacle Welding and Safety

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Pinnacle Welding and Safety PPE


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