Pinnacle PRIMITIG ACDC 315P Aluminium TIG Welding Machine

  • Advanced IGBT Technology
  • Dual Function AC/DC TIG / MMA
  • Suitable for Aluminium TIG Welding
  • High-Frequency Start TIG Welding
  • Pulsed TIG Facility
  • Adjustable Up & Down Slope, Gas pre & post Flow
  • 2T / 4T Function
  • Adjustable ARC Force in MMA Welding
  • Supplied with Water-Cooled TIG Torch, & Earth Cable

Techinal Data | PrimiTig ACDC 315P TIG Welding Machine

ProductPrimiTig ACDC 315P TIG Welding Machine
Product Type TIG Welding Machine
Welder Type TIG / ARC
Includes:Water Cooled TIG Torch & Earth Cable
Input VoltageAC 380V ±10%, 3 Phase
Rated Power Capacity8.9 kva
Rated Input Current19A
No Load Voltage45V
Output Current15-315 Amps
Post Flow Time0-10 s
Pulse Frequency0.5 - 300 Hz
Pulse Duty Cycle10 - 90 %
Duty Cycle %60%
Welding Thickness0.5 - 15 mm
Weight35.8 kg
Dimension (mm)580 x 335 x 520 mm
PrimiTig ACDC 315P TIG Welding Machine Technical Data Sheet


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