PrimiTIG AC/DC 200 Aluminium TIG Welding Machine

The PrimiTIG ACDC 200 is an aluminum TIG Welding Machine Inverter that has functions as an MMA, Lift TIG and High-Frequency TIG power source capabilities. This TIG Welding Machine is combined with features such as High-Frequency Start, Lift ARC Start & up/downslope. Thus making the PrimiTIG ACDC 200 the ultimate unit designed for precision TIG welding on all weldable materials and is ideal for working with aluminum. All welding parameters are variable and allow for complete adjustment during the welding process.

  • Advanced IGBT Technology
  • Dual Function AC/DC TIG / MMA
  • Suitable for Aluminium TIG Welding
  • High-Frequency Start TIG Welding
  • Adjustable Down Slope, Gas pre & post Flow

Techinal Data | PrimiTig ACDC 200 TIG Welding Machine

ProductPrimiTig ACDC 200 TIG Welding Machine
Product Type TIG Welding Machine
Welder Type TIG / ARC
Includes:WP26V TIG Torch, Flowmeter and earth Cable
Input VoltageAC 230V ±10%, 1 Phase
Rated Power Capacity4.5 kva
Rated Input Current20A
No Load Voltage56V
Output Current15-200A
Post Flow Time2-10 s
Duty Cycle %60%
Welding Thickness0.5 - 10 mm
Dimension (mm)565 x 331 x 512 mm
PrimiTig ACDC 200 TIG Welding Machine Technical Data Sheet