Pinnacle PVC Red Rough Palm Heavy Duty Open Cuff Gloves 27cm

Pinnacle PVC Red Rough Palm Heavy Duty Open Cuff Gloves are general purpose gloves for daily handling tasks. These PVC Red Gloves are tough, flexible, smooth PVC coated gloves and can withstand abrasion in dry handling conditions.

Physical properties
PVC Red Heavy Duty general purpose handling glove. Tough, flexible, smooth PVC coating will withstand abrasion in dry handling conditions. Protection levels are measured from the palm area of the glove. Intermediate safety category. Liquid proof but not recommended for use with chemical liquids.

General-purpose glove for daily handling tasks. Service life cannot be specified and depends on the application and responsibility of the user.

Not suitable for chemical handling

Abrasion EN level 4 Cut EN level 1 Tear EN level 1 Puncture EN level 1

Acids, Bases & Solvents Not suitable

Not suitable for heat or cold

Both new and used gloves should be thoroughly inspected before use. Gloves should not be left in contaminated condition and where possible, provided no serious hazards exist, should be cleaned before removal. Gloves can be washed with mild detergent then rinsed and dried before use.


Pinnacle Welding and Safety

Pinnacle Welding and Safety Products

27cm, 35cm


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