Riland MIG 250GS Industrial MIG Welding Machine


The Riland MIG 250GS Industrial MIG Welding Machine is a fully digital MIG Welding Machine. The MIG Welding Machine is capable of completing the following processes, MIG/MIX, MIG/Ar Al, MIG/Gasless, MMA and Lift TIG Function. The Riland MIG 250GS is the ideal MIG Welding Machine for production and offers adjustable current, voltage & induction.

This single-phase MIG Welding Inverter unit is 250 Amp, with 100% Duty Cycle up to 180 Amps on MIG Welding, 160 Amps on MMA/ARC and 160 Amps on Lift-TIG Welding it is also compatible with 15kg wire rolls and offers 2T and 4T function, with a polarity switch for switching between Gas and Gasless Welding. The most compact and versatile MIG Welding Machine on the market.


  • MIG
  • MIG/Gasless
  • MMA/Lift-TIG

Package Includes

  • Inverter Power Source
  • 3M MIG Welding Torch
  • 3M Earth Cable
  • 3M Gas Hose
  • 2 x Hose Clamps
  • Manual


  • Current, Voltage & Induction Adjustment
  • 2T/4T Function
  • Polarity switch
  • Built-in Wire Inching
  • Fan Cooled, reduced noise and dust
  • Compatible with 15kg Spools
  • 220V

Riland MIG 250GS Industrial MIG Welding Machine - Technical Data

BrandRiland Welding Machine
ProductMIG 250GS Industrial MIG Welding Machine
Product TypeMIG Welder, MMA/Scratch-TIG Welder
Input Voltage/Phase/Frequency220V/1P/50-60 Hz
Amps Input at Rated OutputMIG: 50A@250A
MMA/TIG: 47A@220A
Output Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle (40°C)MIG: 180A/23V/100% - 250A/26.5V/35%
MMA/TIG: 160A/26.4V/100% - 220A/28.8V/30%
TIG: 100A/14V/100% - 180A/17.2V/25%
Output Range/OCVMIG: 50-250A/56V
MMA/TIG: 50-220A/56V
Weight45 kg
Diemnsion (mm)615 x 276 x 760 mm
Technical Data for Riland MIG 250GS Industrial MIG Welding Machine


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